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Fresh HY Lingerie Wash 150ml

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Made in Japan, Fresh HY Lingerie Wash Detergent is formulated for lingerie wash to effectively remove stains in 15 mins while caring for delicate fabrics. It can kill 99.9% of germs and 99% of dust-mites while preventing bacterial growth in 24 hours. It is effective in getting rid of common stains such as period stains while being gentle on skin and fabrics. Suitable for both hand and machine wash.

• Effectively deodorises, removes stains and gently cleans delicate fabrics

• Effectively kills 99% of germs and dust mites, while preventing bacterial growth

• Removes stubborn stains such as blood

• Milk floral fragrance

• Gentle on skin and delicate clothing

• Suitable for cotton, linen and synthetic fibers

• Suitable for front & top loading washing machine, as well as hand washing

• Made in Japan

• Volume = 150 ml

Usage Instructions:

Machine wash

• Apply directly onto stain and scrub gently

• Follow with normal washing procedure

Hand Wash

• Pump directly onto underwear and wash

• For tough stains, apply product directly onto stained area

• Gently rub soiled part together and let stand for 10 minutes before washing


• Not suitable for wool, silk and rayon

• Keep out of reach of children

• In case of eye contact, flush with water

• If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately

• Store in a cool and dry place


5-15% Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Perfume, Chelant, Enzyme

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